The Technical Assistance Work Group (TAWG) was developed to provide direction to the CHRIS project. Meetings of the TAWG are held to review the current status of the project, establish priorities for project activities, review issues and concerns raised by CHRIS users, recommend changes or modifications to current procedures and programs, and to establish policy. TAWG is comprised of two boards, the Executive Board and the Advisory Board.

The TAWG Executive Board consists of a small group of representatives from the CHRIS project, DOE/BEESS, FDLRS, and consultants as appropriate.

The TAWG Advisory Board is a larger group that includes at least one representative from each FDLRS center.

TAWG Advisory Board members include:

  • FDLRS Center Managers
  • Child Find Professionals
  • State Personnel (BEESS)
  • ESE Personnel
  • Early Steps Representatives